Suggestions to aid you in your search to better your fair:

  • Get to know your community. Be creative. Fairs needs to be visible all year around.
  • Use local talent. Check newspapers to see what people want to do and hear. Showcase local artisans.
  • People are usually more than willing to assist and share.
  • Talk to local merchants and service clubs (want to hold a caged bird show for budgies, canaries, and parrots contact your local pet store personnel.) They may not be able to contribute $ but are generally thrilled to give advice on "How To" and to seek out support from their suppliers.
  • Get the community involved. They are keen to support the event because it is something they are interested in.
  • Networking is very important, make sure to recognize contributions.
  • Make the experience fun and rewarding.
  • Woodworking clubs will boast this section of your fair. Give them space to demonstrate. Ask for suggestions for classes. Rona, Home Depot do Kid's Workshops (they supply supplies as well as personnel)
  • Local attractions, for example a zoo may donate family day passes
  • Ask for midway donations, for example: bicycle giveaway, free ride tickets/bracelets, donate $ for photo collage "Midway name and Agriculture Make for a Fun Experience at the Fair."
  • Fair needs to reflect community and community needs to reflect the fair.
  • Local agencies ¡V Diabetic Educators do Healthy Food Demonstrations.
  • Natural Resources, sometimes donate Day Pass to Provincial Parks
  • Women's Institute Rose Program
  • Include Senior groups they have a wealth of knowledge (ask youth for suggestions)

OAAS Promotions Committee 2009