In response to the many questions and concerns from Agricultural Societies on their responsibilities regarding Livestock Traceability Requirements,  Guidelines and forms have been posted on our website - <click here>

These documents are intended to assist your Agricultural Society in negotiating all the numerous websites, documents and information that has been provided regarding Livestock Traceability Requirements.

An email with all the documents was sent on July 19 to all Agricultural Societies, Provincial Directors and District Directors and Secretaries.  We ask you to share them with your Livestock Committees and Board Members.

One of documents was the "Traceability Responsibilities for Owners and Exhibitors showing or displaying their livestock on Fairgrounds".  We suggest you share this document with your Exhibitors, so they are aware of their responsibilities for Livestock Traceability Requirements as it pertains to exhibiting or displaying livestock at our Fairs.

 Our apologies for the lateness of this document, but it has taken a considerable amount of time to verify the information that we have collected from the various CFIA and other agency sites and documents.   

OAAS has worked with CAFE to create the documents to help answer your questions regarding exactly what our Agricultural Societies' responsibilities are to remain compliant under  the CFIA Traceability Requirements.

We strongly encourage you to review the information on our  website <click here> to ensure that your Agricultural Society is compliant with the Livestock Traceability Requirements and would not face possible penalties due to violations of the Health of Animals Regulations, Part XV (Livestock identification and traceability)

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