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Pre-Convention Workshops
In the Know - Mental Health workshop
Judging School
CAFE - Animal Care Best Practices

OAAS Convention Seminars (Thursday & Friday)

Connecting with Consumers: Putting the Local in Local Food

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Benefits & Process of Strategic Planning

How & Why We Support Our Neighbouring Fairs

Dealing with Change and the Future of Fairs

Smart Serve - Refresh Program

Questions to Ask When Booking Entertainment

The Importance of Certificates of Insurance

You Have a Captive Audience for 1 Minute - Pitch Your Facility-GO!

Operational Plan & Strategies to Improve Your Midway

District Discussions

How To Post on Social Media - Hands On

Tips To Consider When Organizing a Livestock Show

Ag Awareness at the Fair

Creating Web Content - Driving Google traffic

Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned from the Entertainment Tent

4-H Activities at Your Fair - What Are Your Requirements

Community Change Impacts on Volunteerism 

AssistExpo - Refreshing Features

ONCA and What Your Fair Needs to Know

PANEL: Ambassador Programming - What Your District Does

What Is Your Brand & Why It is Important

How to Deal with Difficult Board Members

How to Run Your Social Media Effectively

The Dangers of Being a One Hit Wonder

Mental Health - In The Know

Benefits & Process of Strategic Planning (repeat of Thursday)

Dealing with Revenue Canada audits as a registered charity

Update from Youth Programming Panel

All About Homecraft - Networking Extraordinaire

Secretary Panel Discussion

Treasurer Panel Discussion