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OAAS Judging School Intructors List



Other Judges Lists

The following lists are not created or maintained by the OAAS and we are not responsible for the information contained in them.
If you have any questions or concerns about these lists, contact the organization directly.


How to print Judges List on Letter Size Paper

We have created step by step instructions on how to print the Judges Lists on letter paper  due to the number of concerns that they are on legal size paper.  We have also included instruction on how to print in black and white instead of colour, if so desired. 

 How to Print Judges List on Letter size paper  - Click here for instructions


Judges Lists and Judging Schools

NOTE: All information in the Judges Lists and on the Judging School fliers have been provided by the local Districts.

Please contact your District Director to have Judge's information updated or for more information on the Judging Schools. Please do not contact the OAAS Office to have Judge's information updated as it must be verified by the District before it may be posted. The District Director's name is on the bottom of the Judge's List. 

Judges List Contact Link Judging Schools / District Meetings

District 1 Homecraft

District 1 Ag and Hort

District 1 Directors

 Spring Meeting April 14, 2018

 Mountain Township Ag. Society

District 2 Homecraft

District 2 Ag and Hort

District 2 Directors  
District 3 Homecraft

District 3 Ag and Hort

District 3 Directors

 Judging School

Judging School Form

District 4 Homecraft

District 4 Ag and Hort

District 4 Directors


Judging School

Ag and Hort Judging School

District 5 Homecraft

District 5 Ag and Hort

District 5 Directors

Spring Meeting April 28, 2018

Hosted by Beeton

District 6 Homecraft

District 6 Ag and Hort

District 6 Directors  
District 7 Homecraft

District 7 Ag and Hort

District 7 Directors District 7 Spring meeting in Paris, April 14th

District 7 Judging school in Woodstock, April 21st

District 7 Fall AGM in Tavistock, October 27th 

District 8 Homecraft

District 8 Ag and Hort

District 8 Directors  
District 9 Homecraft

District 9 Ag and Hort

District 9 Directors  
District 10 Homecraft

District 10  Ag and Hort

District 10 Directors     
District 11 Homecraft

District 11 Ag and Hort

District 11 Directors  
District 12 Homecraft

District 12 Ag and Hort

District 12 Directors  
District 13 Homecraft

District 13  Ag and Hort

District 13 Directors



District 14 Homecraft

District 14  Ag and Hort

District 14 Directors  
District 15 Homecraft

District 15 Ag and Hort

District 15 Directors