OAAS 175th Anniversary

A glimpse into the past provides a great deal of insight into the present. The OAAS is 175 years old this year!
Glancing at our history emphasizes the reality of the transformative change that has taken place for the Provincial body of the Agricultural Societies in Ontario and what is yet to come.  


 This is the official members' website for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.  The OAAS is the provincial association representing over 200 Agricultural Societies from across the province.  Its mission is a resource for its Members, by providing leadership through communication and education and encouraging the promotion of a rural way of life in Ontario.

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Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model (TREIM) click here 

The Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model (TREIM) makes it easier for organizations and people working in or interested in tourism to learn more about the impact the industry has on the provincial and local economies.

What can you learn using TREIM?

TREIM has a number of modules to help people and organizations learn more about the economic impact of tourism. Modules include:

  • Visitor Spending – estimates the economic impact of tourism spending in a specific region and/or for a specific event. There are 17 built-in activity options, including festivals, golfing, casinos
  • Operational Expenses – estimates the economic impact of operating an ongoing business, such as an attraction, retail business, hotel or restaurant
  • Investment Expenditures – estimates the economic impact of investing in or building a tourism facility such as an attraction, retail business, hotel or restaurant
  • Convention Centre Activity – estimates the economic impact of a convention, including the spending of delegates and exhibitors as well as production costs

TREIM Features

There are many features that organizations and people can use to get tourism economic data. Features include:

  • Timeframe for analysis: 16-year range including past, present and future
  • Geography: Ontario, 16 travel regions, 49 counties, districts and regional municipalities, 43 census metropolitan areas (CMA) and census agglomerations (CA)
  • Users are guided through a series of steps to enter their inputs
  • An output report can be printed or saved
  • Once the report is run all inputs are deleted
  • No user fees
  • Updated annually