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OAAS Policies and Procedures Manual - June 13, 2022

Strategic Plan Brochure

Board Governance Guidebook

Running Effective Meetings Guidebook

Staff Succession Plan

OAAS Staff Succession Plan - Convention Administrator Appendix B 2020

OAAS Staff Succession Plan - Manager Appendix A  2020

Codes of Conduct

OAAS Judges and Instructors Code of Conduct F14.2 Sept 2018

OAAS Code of Conduct F14.1 2021

Template Code of Conduct for Ag Societies


Branding Corporate Visual Identity Guideline Appendix C 2021 

Logos to Download

Below is the Index from the OAAS Policies and Procedures. As the Board reviews and updates, the Policies and documents the links to them will be attached below.

  Document or Policy Type & Title      
  OAAS Terms of Reference      
  Board of Directors      
  Executive Committee      
  Finance Committee      
  Governance Committee      
  Human Resources Committee      
  Programs Committee      
  Judging Committee      
  Youth Program Committee      
  Nomination Committee       
  District Boards      
1 OAAS Ends Policies      
1.1 Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Goals      
1.2 Strategic Directions      
2 OAAS Board Operations Policies & Procedures      
2.1 Board Role      
2.2 Governing Style      
2.3 Governance Commitment      
2.4 Privacy and Security      
2.5 Merged with 2.6 Executive      
2.6 Executive      
2.7 Provincial Director Role      
2.8 Board Members’ Code of Conduct - Procedures for dealing with violations      
2.9 Board Meetings      
2.1 Board Committee Principles and Structure      
2.11 Convention Program      
2.12 Code of Conduct and Confidentiality      
2.13 Conflict of Interest      
2.14 Disposition of Complaints and Disputes Involving Directors
2.15 Volunteers for Committees      
2.16 Nominating Committee Policy      
2.17 Rules of Order      
3 OAAS Board/ Staff Limitations Policies & Procedures
3.1 Global Executive Constraint      
3.2 Financial Condition and Activities      
3.3 Financial Planning/Budgeting      
3.4 Asset Protection      
3.5 Communication and Counsel to the Board      
3.6 Emergency Manager & Convention Administrator Succession
4 OAAS Board/ Staff Linkages Policies & Procedures
4.1 Unity of Control      
4.2 Accountability of the Manager & Convention Administrator
4.3 Delegation to the Staff      
4.4 Manager or Convention Administrator Replacement      
5 OAAS Other Policies & Procedures      
5.1 Records Retention and Destruction      
5.2 Risk Assessment and Mitigation      
5.3 Harassment      
5.4 Providing Goods and Services to People with Disabilities
6 OAAS Financial Policies & Procedures      
6.1 Financial Management Board & District Operations      
6.2 Plowing Match      
7 OAAS Volunteers and Youth Policies & Procedures
7.1 Youth policy      
7.2 Police Checks      
7.3 Transportation of Youth      
7.4 Abuse      
7.5 Chaperones      
7.6 Position of Trust      
7.7 Activities Involving Youth      
7.8 Code of Conduct Youth      
8 OAAS Online/Email/Website Policies & Procedures
8.1 OAAS Website, Social-Media, Email      
8.2 Usage of the OAAS Trademark, Logo, Watermark      
9 OAAS Judging Program Policies & Procedures      
9.1 Code of Conduct      
9.2 OAAS Requirement for Certified and Apprentice Judges
9.3 OAAS Requirement for Certified and Apprentice Instructors
10 OAAS Crisis Management Information      
10.1 OAAS Crisis Management Information      
11 OAAS Procedures      
11.1 Resolutions & Procedure      
11.2 OAAS General Administration Processes and Procedures
11.3 Board meeting Rules of Order      
11.4 Crisis Management Procedure      
11.5 Resolutions Process Flowchart      
12 OAAS District Board Operations Policies       
12.1 District Director Role      
12.2 District Director/District Executive Role      
13 OAAS Convention Committees      
13.1 Auction Committee      
13.2 Competitions Committee      
13.3 Registration Committee      
13.4 Ambassador Program Committee      
13.5 Seminar & Speaker Committee      
14 OAAS Forms      
F14.1 OAAS Code of Conduct updated Nov 2021      
F14.2 OAAS Judge’s and Instructor’s Code of Conduct      
F14.3 Committee Support Positions Form      
F14.5 Provincial Director Travel Claim Ag Societies Form      
F14.6 District Director Travel Claim Form for Attending Fairs
F14.7 OAAS mileage Provincial Director Form      
F14.8 Membership (Affiliation) Fee Form      
F14.9 Youth Code of Conduct       
F14.10 Chaperones Code of Conduct      
F14.11 OAAS Apprentice Judge Form      
F14.12 OAAS Apprentice Instructor Form      
F14.13 Out of District Judging School Record      
F14.14 OAAS Certified Judges Fair Assignments      
F14.15 OAAS Certified Instructor’s Judging School Record       
F14.16 OAAS District Event Registration Form      
F14.17 Executive Member Expense for travel       
15 OAAS Appendices      
A Staff Succession Plan – Manager      
B Staff Succession Plan – Convention Administrator
C Branding Corporate Visual Identity Guideline      
D Roles and Responsibilities of a Provincial Director updated 2021      
E Roles and Responsibilities of a District Director updated Oct 2021      
F What Makes a Successful (Great) Board Member      
G Judging Program Categories       
H Provincial Position three-year terms schedule 2017 - 2030